Monday, 16 March 2009

Surviving Change 101 - 8 Ways to Be Happier & Healthier

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Every Monday, That's Fit's very own "charged up" wellness guru Laura Lewis presents The Passion Principle, a weekly guide that will help you achieve your greatest potential through words of inspiration, cutting-edge ideas and action tips you can use in your every day life!

Change happens. I always wanted to create a bumper sticker with this reference to "change" to replace the one that says "@$!%& Happens!" Indeed, change does happen. To live is to experience change. Being classified as a "Change Expert," I find myself coaching and speaking about how to deal with change healthfully. I have had my fair share of dramatic "out of the blue" change and have come out on the other side wiser, happier and healthier in many ways. But the ride? Whew. At times, the discomfort of change can feel unbearable.

Discomfort and resistance to change go hand in hand. Resisting change may cause one to become unhealthy, both in mind and body, due to an elevation of stress. And as a result, not going with the flow may even cause folks to dive off their health and fitness tracks, to gain weight, to experience lowered self-esteem, to become more stressed out about relationships -- thus the spiral begins.

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