Monday, 16 March 2009

See Yourself Slim - The Fitting Room Diet

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fitting roomWhen I look at myself in a fitting room mirror, I rarely think I look hot. Dismal and dumpy is more like it. Now I know some people get pretty good glimpses of themselves in those elongated mirrors, shrouded in foggy lighting and ambiance. But mostly, I just don't look that great. I show much better at home, in the light of my own bathroom.

It's no secret that lighting is key in fitting rooms, but never has it been more apparent than now, when the economy is swirling down the toilet and retailers are scrambling to make a buck. Dressing rooms are where the sale is made, say experts, and those trying to score some funds might be capitalizing on making that little black dress look better than average. All it takes is something simple, like nixing the overhead lighting and adding some illumination alongside the mirrors.

A recent University of Florida study reveals that female shoppers, ages 18 to 35, have a preference for side lighting. Overhead lighting is just not flattering, says Anne Baumstarck, who did the research for her master's degree in interior design at UF. When a customers' surroundings register as negative, it distracts them from paying attention to the merchandise. "You never want a consumer to be thinking 'I hate this lighting' instead of 'I like this dress,'" she said. And while this study didn't touch on the topic, I'm thinking that when a reflection of someone's body in the mirror registers as negative, it also distracts from the purchase. When I don't like what I see, I don't buy. Make me look better (and by better, I mean lighter, thinner and more fit) and I'm more likely to fork over the green.

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