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Optimists are Healthier and Live Longer - The ABC's for Pessimists

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I am an admitted member of the optimist club. As a matter of fact, a dear friend of mine claims that I am eternally optimistic. In spite of what appear to be roadblocks or hindrances that occasionally get in my way, I remain optimistic. I always believe in the most positive outcome. I don my rose colored glasses as I rise each morning to meet the day. Some may say I am crazy. Yet, I would rather hang out on the side of being happy, joyous and positive than being in a dark pessimistic space. The good news, according to recent research, is that I'm going to be happier and live a longer life. Alright!

Researchers consistently show proof that optimists do live longer and are healthier. Check out these interesting tidbits they've discovered.

  • In one review of a Women's Health Initiative study with more than 100,000 participants, researchers found that optimists who expected good things instead of bad things to happen were 14 percent less likely to die than pessimists.
  • Optimists were 30 percent less likely to die from heart disease, which was discovered during eight years of follow-up to the same study.
  • Highly mistrustful or "Cynically Hostile" women were 16 percent more likely to die during the study period than those who were much more trusting. And the most alarming point: They had a 23 percent higher likelihood to die from cancer!
  • Harvard researchers studying positive and negative thinkers tracked students who at age 25 were optimists and found they were healthier at ages 45 and 60 than their pessimist counterparts.
  • Mayo Clinic College of Medicine researchers found that pessimists were more likely to develop Parkinson's disease and dementia as compared to optimistic thinkers.
  • Pessimism has been linked with lower incomes, increased risk of disease, suppression of the immune system, higher stress levels and shorter lifespans.

The good news for pessimists: You can defect to our side! Yes, it is possible to change the basic nature of being a pessimist.

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