Sunday, 22 March 2009

NeuroActive Bike - Hop on for a Brainy Body Workout

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Aging is hard enough on memory, let alone your waistline. Suddenly you can't find your car keys, which you so desperately need to get to the gym. But now you can take mind-body training to a new level with NeuroActive's new training bike developed by Brain Centers America (BCA).

Instead of sitting stationary with Sudoku, pedal away while completing up to 22 brain-stimulating exercises that sharpen 16 cognitive functions, more than any brain program on the market. Brain exercises can increase cognitive function by 20 percent and improve processing speed and memory -- rewinding your brain back to its days of peak performance. Right now the bike is only available at select Lady of America health clubs in Florida. Why is a women's health chain the first one to feature this bike? Mommy fog?

Hop on BCA's brain gym and you might stop misplacing your car keys, and build muscle and cardiovascular endurance, too. Beats my brainless treadmill habit of watching "The View." I just wish BCA would develop a NeuroActive spinning bike -- I need that barking spin instructor to get my heart rate sky high.

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