Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Mind Games - Use Them to Make Your Walk More Interesting

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daily fit tipWhen it comes to exercise, walking is the go-to choice for a simple, accessible, inexpensive yet effective workout. Simply lace up a sturdy pair of shoes and go. But I've discovered that if I forget my music player, walking can get a little ... well ... boring. At least when I'm stuck on a neighborhood route that I've walked 1,000 times.

If you find yourself getting in a walking rut, trying playing games to entertain your brain. You never know -- they just might make you walk a little longer and a little stronger:

  • I Spy: Find an object that starts with A -- automobile, maybe? -- and work your way to the letter Z. Don't turn for home until you're at least half way through the alphabet.
  • Interval Challenge: Pick a nearby landmark and run or race-walk to it, walk until you catch your breath, then pick a new landmark and do it again.
  • Let Chance Plan Your Route: Bring a coin on your walk. At each corner, give it a flip. Heads means go straight, tails means turn.

How do you keep your mind occupied while on a long walk?

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