Sunday, 22 March 2009

Healthy Fast Food - How Easy Is It?

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Welcome to Walking the Walk, a feature that takes a deeper look at commonly shared diet and fitness advice. Every other week, I'll choose one piece of advice and practice it for seven days. Then I'll report back on what I discovered about making it work in real life and how it affected my own personal fitness -- and how it ultimately can affect your own efforts.

In the war on obesity, fast food is usually our biggest target. Cheap and convenient, it's a popular choice. But it's fatty, salty menu choices don't make it a healthy choice.

Some people work hard to never step foot in a fast food restaurant, but I don't think that's a realistic goal for the general population; statistics show that half of Americans' meals aren't cooked at home. Though I think we would all be better off reducing our takeout meals, I think it's also important that we educate ourselves on how to eat fast food without downing 1,000 calories in a sitting.

To their credit, fast food restaurants have started offering healthier options to their customers. Long John Silver's is the latest with their Freshside Grille menu. My goal this week is to eat one healthy meal at a fast food restaurant each day this week, to find out exactly how realistic healthy fast food really is.
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