Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Get Sculpted for Spring

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halle berrySpring has arrived! Well, maybe it doesn't feel like it where you live right now, but warm weather is right around the corner. And that means that the bulky sweaters will be stored under the bed before you know it, and you'll be busting out the tank tops. And that might make you feel a little nervous if you're not quite ready to show some skin!

Most people's concerns immediately go to the arms, but there's another part that you'll soon be showing that could use a little love -- your back! Celebrities like Halle Berry know that, when you're wearing a strappy tank or a strapless dress, a sculpted back is one of the best ways to show how fit you are, and Halle knows exactly how to get her back ready.

Her trainer, Harley Pasternak shared Halle's back-sculpting secret with "Health" magazine -- dumbbell back rows. According to Pasternak, "This exercise strengthens the rhomboids, the muscles in your upper back that connect your shoulder blades to your spine, giving you a toned back and much better posture."

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