Monday, 16 March 2009

Bye Bye, Blemishes and Bacne

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Acne is a problem, and not just for teenagers. And it doesn't just happen to our faces, either. Form-fitting activewear like sports bras and cotton shirts that stick to your skin when you sweat can cause breakouts all over your chest and back. And then, there are the clogged pores that show up on your arms ... before you know it, you need to wear a turtleneck to cover all your problem areas!

Peter Thomas Roth Buffing BeadsDon't worry -- you don't need to use your fancy-schmancy face wash as a new shower gel to clear up the bacne -- Peter Thomas Roth Clinical Skin Care makes a Blemish Buffing Beads Body Wash ($36 for 18.5 oz) specifically designed to battle acne all over your body. No gym bag shower kit should be without it!

Use on face and body -- it's super gentle, but effective. According to the website: "Salicylic acid clears up acne blemishes while a glycolic acid complex and oil absorbing ingredients help produce flawless, clear skin. Soft, ultra-fine jojoba beads ... help exfoliate surface dead skin cells without irritation, then ... help open clogged pores and emulsify the sebum that contributes to blackheads and whiteheads." Plus, it's smells awesome -- botanical, without being girly. But this isn't the only thing that will help you clear up your skin.

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