Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Best Detoxes, Dieting Duo Successes and Walking Decoded - Links We Love

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We at "That's Fit" and "AOL Health" know that you've got a lot going on in your lives besides staying in great shape, and we know that a lot more than diet and exercise goes into feeling your best every day. That's why we thought we'd share some of the exciting reporting going on at "AOL Health."

Considering trying a detox diet? "AOL Health" heads to the experts to review Hollywood's hottest cleanses -- judging for safety, effectiveness and cost.

Tired of dieting alone? These Weight Watchers winners reveal why losing weight together leads to double the weight loss success.

Are you a fast walker, a slow walker or a slouch when you stride?
Discover what your walk reveals about your personality.
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