Monday, 16 March 2009

Athleticism - Is It in Our Genes?

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DNA modelIf you have kids, you know all about the nature versus nurture debate. Some parents are paying to find out if their babies have all the right genetic stuff of an athlete. So what do you think? Were you born to be an athlete? Or did practice and hard work make you skilled at your favorite sports?

There's no doubt that certain body types have advantages in certain activities. Height is practically a requirement for elite basketball players, serious runners tend to be long and lean and would Nastia Liukin have been able to flip so elegantly if she were 5'9'" and heavyset? There are three extremes for body types:

  • Endomorphs are pear-shaped with wide hips and shoulders.
  • Mesomorphs have broad shoulders and narrow hips.
  • Ectomorphs are tall and thin with a narrow body.

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