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Aging societies to see heavy load from dementia

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Countries with rapidly aging populations are probably set to see a just-as-rapid increase in dementia cases, according to a report from Hong Kong released this morning.

The report stated that about 33 percent of Hong Kong's dementia patients had gone missing at least once in the past. With citizens of that city growing old (by the millions), the problem may only get worse.

In Hong Kong, a survey of elderly people with dementia found that over 22 percent had, at one point, gone missing.

Football makes you fit not fat

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I train a guy who has lost a spectacular 50 pounds since Christmas Eve 2006. I'm thrilled with his progress, but at 270 pounds....he's still got a long way to go. We come from a place where football is king, apparently so is basketball. We're Gators. Nonetheless, he's been using all of his football booster meetings, tailgating, pre-parties, sky box parties and eat like a gluttonous doof.

I've been anxious about football's arrival, because of this man....and my fears were originally proven legitimate. He has the capability to progress so quickly, but he's seriously been on the verge of blowing it because of his frat-boy mentality. I had a knock down drag out with him a bit ago, but this is the message I want to relate to you.

Football makes you fit, not fat! If you have such a grand obsession with the sport and the amazing athletes who play the game, get your a** out on a field and run to catch a ball. Get a group of buddies together and act like Emmett. Run, tackle, throw, catch, become like the heroic running back you idolize. Football is not an excuse to gain weight, clog your arteries or drive drunk.

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How to age gracefully

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A little while ago, I did this tongue-in-cheek post on how to look older before your time. But how about looking good for your age? Well, you could do the opposite of what was on that list, but there are many more things you should be doing to make sure you age gracefully, both in your mind and your body. Prevention Magazine has put together this great resource on aging well, complete with dozens of handy tips including:
  • Eat and apple a day
  • Take up a new hobby
  • Eat Omega-3 enriched foods
  • Have a CPR test
  • Practice Tai Chi
  • Get a bone density test
  • Smile
  • Wear a hat in the sun
What do you think is the best way to age gracefully? If you ask me, the main components are moisturizer, sunscreen, healthy eating, daily fitness and sleep.

10 Tips for healthy tailgaiting

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Tailgating is usually a very unhealthy event. Burgers, dogs, chips and beer. Folks sit around and just consume, consume, consume! I'm a huge fan of football, and love to tailgate before Gator games. I also am a huge fan of my lean waist and am not willing to sacrifice it for the Orange and Blue. Why should I? I wear my colors, cheer till my lungs practically bleed, and dance all the crazy touchdown dances we do when the Gators score. I don't need to grow because I love my Alma mater. Right? Neither do you.

If you tailgate or just host a home cookout the day that your favorite team plays, good for you. Just make your day.....good for you! Here are ten things you can do to keep your weight from sky-rocketing in the fall and have more fun while you party.

#1. Opt for lean meat. Burgers and dogs are traditionally full of fat. Choose lean cuts, and you'll be fine!

#2. Choose low calorie or no calorie beverages. Everyone seems to have a constant beverage in the hand on game day. Ditch regular colas all together. Each can packs almost 200 calories. Water, un-sweet tea, and diet soda is preferable. If you're a beer drinker, choose light beer and don't consume more than four throughout the day. Less is obviously better.

#3 Enjoy the catsup, mustard, and barbecue sauces. They're naturally fat-free and fairly low in calories.

#4 Bring a veggie and fruit platter.

#5. Choose baked chips and low fat dips or salsa. They taste great and allow you to enjoy the crispy salty snack you love. You'll save hundred of calories this way!

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Work exercise into your busy schedule

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Although I work from home now, it was really hard getting maintaining a fitness routine when I was working long hours at the office. Getting home from work at 5:30pm after a long commute, I was often too tired or hungry to make it to the 6pm classes at my gym. Or, I had too much work to do at home to even think of going to the gym. I still managed to be healthy though -- I was lucky to live in walking distance to my office (it was a 45-minute hilly trek, mind you) so if I didn't make it to the gym after work, at least I walked over an hour each day.

If fitness is a priority for you, there are ways to work it into your daily routine like I did. Here are some tips from Everyday Health:
  • Instead of brainstorming projects in the board-room, do it while taking a walk
  • Walk to someone's desk to talk to them, rather than phoning, IMing or Emailing them
  • Write workout time onto your schedule and treat it as importantly as a meeting with your CEO
  • Take a walk on your break
For more inspiration, check out our Workplace Fitness feature. What tips do you have for busy career people?

Oh Henry Pro -- the protein-packed chocolate bar

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Oh Henry -- the lovable chocolate bar that has frequented children's Halloween bags for the last few decades -- is going pro ... um, kind of. They're targeting the fit crowd by marketing a chocolate bar that has extra protein, because apparently extra protein makes a chocolate bar healthy. Right.

The original Oh Henry has 6g of protein, whereas Oh Henry Pro has 12g. But keep in mind that its #1 ingredient is still sugar (aka empty calories,) and we all know sugar is not good for you. Don't be fooled -- eating an Oh Henry Pro hardly compares to a well-rounded meal, and if you're looking to lose weight, relying on chocolate bars, regardless of the protein content, will only have the opposite affect.

What do you think of Oh Henry Pro?

Watch BASE jumpers leap at Bridge Day 2007

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Oooweee! For adrenalin-seekers, do not miss Bridge Day 2007 on October 20. This day-long extreme sports festival draws over 200,000 people to the New River Gorge Bridge spanning 876 feet in the air over the New River and Gauley River in Fayetteville, West Virginia. I saw it up close in the early 1990s while whitewater rafting the New. This is one gargantuan bridge -- with bolts the size of car tires. Okay, I could be exaggerating.

Timed to coincide with the peak of fall colors, Bridge Day is a hoot. Over 450 experienced BASE jumpers will take their free jump off the bridge, while rappellers zip down and the crowd gorges in the gorge from hundreds of food vendors. Spectators can walk the length of the second longest single-arch bridge in the world as BASE jumpers leap off the railing. Sweet!

Do not forget to soak up the outdoor opportunities in this spectacular area. Dip your paddle on a guided whitewater rafting tour, jump on a mountain bike, step on the aerial tram or ride the New River Train. I'll never forget taking the $8.00/30 minute four-seater plane ride when visiting the area in '92. The pilot was in his 80s, wore thick black glasses, had to wire his door shut and took off from a bumpy, dirt runway in his backyard. It was a scream.

We Love to Gawk at Fit Celebs Weekly Round-Up: Help a sister out edition

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It's been a looky loo week in the world of celebrity fitness, friends. There was lots of heart-pounding working it out that had nothing to do with exercise. Regardless, after an overdose of VMA talk, nudey picture speculation and loaded accusations, I think we're all ready to let the healing begin. Before I hand out the hugs and heart rate monitors, I'll need a few things:

Can I get HOLLA for the premiere of The Biggest Loser, complete with my soulmate and brand newish BFF Jillian Michaels? What is about a rock solid fitness phenom screaming at folks to carry big old truck tires that gives me the chills? Sigh. I guess it is not to question, just to inspire me to get out and dismantle my car for a morning workout.

Can I get a do-over for Brit-Brit?
Yesssss, the VMA thang was enough to make Lindsay Lohan cringe and hand over some depressants to this guy (kidding kidding), but do we really need to have a conversation about her weight in the middle of that dance disaster? People! She's not fat. She's completely wackadoodle/one the sauce/in need of a big old mama hug/quite possibly all of the above, but the Collector of Ripped Fishnets and Marlboro Lite Cartons is not starving and is not overweight. So, can we just get back to talking about her extensions and broken acrylic nails now?

Can I get a reality show reunion for Kid Rock and Tommy Lee?
The two had words and fisticuffs at the VMA awards, momentarily giving pause to all those "Fat Brit" flaming bloggers (see above). The only reason this gets a mention at all is that I have a sneaky suspicion this scuffle was a big boost in cardio for the two rockers. Well, at least since they each had their (ahem) days in the sun with Pamela Anderson. Next time add some intervals with handweights, bros and you'll have yourself some real sweat and possibly, find a way to love each other up on national television. I'll totally have Montel and Maury on the phone in like, 30 seconds.

Can I get a round of applause for Brooke Shields? She tells Fitness magazine that she's committed to an hour of working out everyday. EXCEPT when one of those beautiful babies has done what beautiful babies often do and cry a lot in the night. She gets through, not by doing The Hundred to boost her energy and inspiration, but by downing a bunch of coffee and then crashing for a nap. I love her for taking care of her body, which sometimes calls for a big cup of reality and self-care.

Can I get a towel ovah here for Vanessa Hudgens?
The High School Musical star and recent canceller of many late-night interviews, was caught working out WITH HER CLOTHES ON! What?! The horrors! Is she even allowed to walk around full-clothed? Someone please use that towel to wipe the triple (and possibly quadruple, apparently) threat's brow?

Can I get a corner of that towel for Natalie Portman?
She's busy not making tabloids (which I salute) and possibly, getting her Bikram on. Nat, I somehow knew you were a centered, yoga-type of lady.

The Daily Turn On! Five meditations to connect with your spirit

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Life is too short not to be fully "turned on." The Daily Turn On! energizes all aspects of "you." Everyday The Daily Turn On! with That's Fit Life Fit expert Laura Lewis will awaken your mind, your body and your life!

Did you know ... Our thoughts are prayer. Every thought we have, we consciously or unconsciously are sending a message to the Divine, the Universe, God, or whoever or whatever you may call your "Source." Have you heard the saying, "Mind your thoughts, as they are sure to mind you"? The Divine is not partial. The Divine does not discriminate. Divine simpply answers every thought and every prayer with, "yes."

Jesus said, "The Kingdom of God is within you."

Buddha said, "All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become. "

Muhammad the Prophet said, "To the light I have attained, and in the light I live."

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Life Fit Chat with Laura Lewis: My God & Me

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Life Fit Chat with That's Fit Life Fit Expert Laura Lewis brings conversation provoking tidbits to your table, served up with a touch of spice! Byte-sized information that pack some punch, brought to you every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday!

At one point or another, we have all asked ourselves, "God, are you there?" Quickly followed up with the following question: What is the point in all of this? Well, there is a point. And, while some of us may spend our entire lives pondering this question without settling on a satisfying or convincing answer, for me the answer is always found deep within my very own being--in my God-place.

We find our own personal God in the stars, the grass, the tree, the sea, the homeless man on the corner as well as in the Chanel-clad socialite. We see God in celebrities, in the Pope, in the orphaned child and in the baby whose life miraculously came into being in the wake of modern fertility miracles. We see God when we choose to.

I love the song, My Beloved Monster and Me by Eels. Remember Ally McBeal? Everyone on the show had their own theme song. Here is mine. When I need a lift, I hum this to myself, replacing the word Monster with God as a reminder that I AM Divine and my thoughts mold what is the total sum of ME.

My beloved God and me
We go everywhere together
Wearing a raincoat that has four sleeves
Gets us through all kinds of weather

She will always be the only thing
That comes between me and the awful sting
That comes from living in a world that's so damn mean

My beloved God is tough
If she wants she will disrobe you
But if you lay her down for a kiss
Her little heart it could explode

She will always be the only thing
That comes between me and the awful sting
That comes from living in a world that's so damn mean

Look around. Where do you see the Divine?

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Fit Factor: So many types of yoga, so little time

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When I signed up for my first yoga class four years ago, I opted for the simple 'beginner' class and didn't pay much attention to the other offerings. But once I'd jumped the hurdle from normal person to yogi, it was hard to ignore the number of classes out there with 'yoga' in the title. And, as I drifted from gym to gym, studio to studio, I realized just how many styles there were. I also realized that the type of yoga I was accustomed to was quite different from others that I had assumed were the same.

Considering Yoga's immense popularity, it's not surprising that you'll find several sub-types. Different styles of yoga appeal to different goals -- for some, yoga is a means to getting fit, for some it improves their flexibility and for some, it's a way to calm the mind and meditate through movement. But whatever your motivation, yoga will benefit you in one way or another -- of that I am sure.

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That's Fit Weekly Podcast #27: September 14th, 2007

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We're always looking for fresh and innovative ways to blog about news and trends fit for helping you live a healthy life. Now, thanks to Saturn, we bring a new voice to our efforts with the launch of our That's Fit Weekly Podcast. Each Friday, we'll go from blogger to broadcaster as we discuss topics relevant to pursuing your health and fitness goals.

This week we're in our final installment in our Motivation to the Max series with "Motivating Your Mind". Tune in to hear about a powerful and fun technique that can help you further define exactly what elements you would like to have exist in your "Ideal Day" ultimately bumping up your overall quality of life! Life is too short not to live it fully, happily and healthfully right? On this one, you'll need a pad of paper, a pen, a few markers...yup, it's a fun project and you're going to love it. Listen on and be motivated!

Have comments on our current shows or ideas for future podcasts? Or, do you have a burning health and fitness question you'd like answered on an upcoming installment? Comment right here and we'll do our best to provide the helpful information you're looking for!

There are several ways to receive the That's Fit Weekly podcast: Subscribe to our RSS feed, through iTunes, or just click on the MP3 file link directly below! -- your choice!

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Laura Lewis

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September 21st , 2007 Program: Fall is here and a time for renewal. Tune in and we'll help you slough off the Summer and rejeuvenate! We begin our "Regenerate YOU" series addressing your body, your mind and more! Don't miss it!

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Working in the Workouts: Sneaky at its finest

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owen and mommyEach week, Debbie will share her goals, challenges, successes and tips on how to fit in fitness when caring for a rambunctious toddler.

Yeah, I know this whole feature is about sneaking in fitness around caring for your little person, but I think I have stumbled upon the sneakiest exercise of all.

In fact, I have been doing this exercise, unbeknownst to both me and my child, since the day he was born.

What is this exercise, you ask? Well, it is probably no newsflash, but carrying your child is building muscle every moment you envelop your sweet love in your arms while standing or walking.

Why am I having this dawning of knowledge now, when Owen is approaching his third birthday? Because that little dumplin' is heavy! Owen is going through a super-clingy phase right now, so I have been carrying him more than ever. I feel it mostly in my forearms and mid-back muscles, but my body knows I have been carrying an extra thirty pounds much more often than I should have to!

Will I wean Owen from my embrace? Not a chance. There will come a day when he won't want to be carried, and that will come too soon for me, so I am going to soak in every cuddle I can get between now and that fateful day. And don't forget about the fringe benefits of muscle-building!
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Calling all nappers: you've got the right idea

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Why is it that we feel guilty for taking naps? Ever been sound asleep during the daylight hours when a ringing phone jolts you out of your slumber? I have. And when my caller asks after hearing my groggy voice, "Were you sleeping?" I'm ever so quick to announce, "Sleeping? No, I'm not sleeping."

It's too bad naps are not more socially acceptable. Because they sure are beneficial.

"Napping should not be frowned upon at the office or make you feel guilty at home," says Dr. James B. Maas, psychologist and sleep expert at Cornell. "It should have the status of daily exercise."

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Paris Hilton has a fitness room -- for her shoes

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Jonathon Morgan wrote about Paris Hilton and her new 7,000 square foot, $5.9 million mansion on Styledash, and now I'm here to tell you that I am so jealous that Hilton not only has five bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms -- she has a fitness room too. Ah, what I could do with my very own fitness room.

What does Hilton plan to do with her fitness room? Fill it with shoes, that's what. Now, I'd also love to have my very own shoe room but if given the choice, I'd take fitness over shoes any day. Not Hilton. She apparently favors footwear to exercise. Or does she? Her mansion does come complete with tennis courts. Perhaps that's where she'll burn her calories.

Or maybe not.
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Dairy does battle with the bulge

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I try to stay away from dairy, especially milk. It's been linked to breast cancer and since I've already had the disease, I tend to stray from anything even remotely associated with it. That's not to say dairy is all bad, though. In fact, it seems eating more calcium-rich dairy food may help in the battle of the bulge.

Study findings are preliminary but here's what they suggest: Dairy appears to reduce fat absorption. After overweight study participants ate meals containing either a high or medium amount of low-fat yogurt and milk, their blood-fat levels were 15 to 19 percent lower than those who ate only a small amount of dairy. Interestingly, results remained consistent even when the low-dairy eaters added a calcium supplement.

If you dare to consume dairy, you've got research backing your decision. For true weight loss results, though, make sure it comes straight from the cow.

Those in chronic pain overdosing on pain patch

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If you suffer from chronic pain, news of the Fentanyl patch may seem like a Godsend. Its users choose it over pills for a variety of reasons including the fact that, with proper instruction, it's relatively simple to use, offers a long-lasting dose and, if used right, has few side effects. Unfortunately though, for those not taught to use it correctly or who ignore the rules of use, one side effect may be death.

Despite warnings in the US & Canada to use and dispose of the powerful patch with extreme care, a number of patients have overdosed on the medication. Some have been prescribed the patch for the wrong reason (it should only be used by those suffering from chronic, long-term pain and isn't appropriate for post-operative pain control), some have accidentally put on more than one patch at a time and others have exposed themselves to extreme heat in a bath, with a heating pad or in the sunshine -- all of these things can cause an overdose.

Many doctors stress that the Fentayl patch is a very effective tool for controlling chronic pain but stress that patients must be properly educated on how to use the medication, and must be responsible and ensure they follow the rules. So if you think the patch may be for you, make sure you discuss the pros and cons with your physician and follow their advice and instructions.

Sneak flaxseed to your kids

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In this age of processed food, it can be difficult to inspire kids to consume enough fiber and omega-3 fatty acids. One good way is to keep a fresh supply of ground flaxseed in the fridge. Health guru Dr. Andrew Weil says ground flaxseed is a good fiber source, rich in cancer-preventing lignans and provides alpha-linolenic acid, which ultimately converts into omega-3 fatty acids. FYI, an even better omega-3 source is fish oil. Don't miss his flaxseeds tips for kids.

Bake a fistful in muffins, stir a bit into yogurt, sprinkle it on top of pancakes and whirl some into a fresh fruit and yogurt smoothie. Toddlers need no more than a teaspoon per day. Parents can keep mum or come clean on the secret add-in. I've found an appealing label such as 'nummy nutties' is effective for the kindergarten and under set.

If you buy whole flaxseed, grind it up in a coffee grinder or blender. But DO NOT forget to put the lid on the blender. I made that mistake once and found flaxseeds in kitchen crevices for months. We refer to it as The Flaxseed Incident.


You have to choose to be healthy, intentionally and on purpose

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I think sometimes, or most of the time maybe, we all get lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Choices and decisions get rushed and the lines between what we need, what we want, and what we're actually doing start to blur. The truth is that although it's great to have all kinds of different goals in life you have to be careful you're not trying to do too much at once. When is the last time you really thought about your priorities? Not everything can be at the top of the list. Where is your health on that list? Are you really giving your top priorities the most effort and focus? It seems many people say 'health and losing weight' is a top priority, but then they bog themselves down with so many other things they hardly have time to work on it. Whether you like it or not that means it's at the bottom of the list, not the top.

So take a few minutes to think about what's important to you and to make some decisions. Make the choice to choose, and you may be surprised at how much focus, determination, and newfound success you find you suddenly have.

Study says good doctors also good communicators

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On pretty much every TV show about hospitals there's always a hot-shot surgeon or sexy intern who seem to care more about their image than consoling patients. They use overly-complicated medical jargon, rush through a diagnosis and give patients little emotional care -- they help heal the patient but they don't really make them feel better.

Does this sort of thing just exist on TV? It looks like no according to a study done at the University of McGill in Montreal. The study examined results of a clinical skills exam taken by over 3000 doctors in the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec. The physicians who scored low on the test also had more patient complaints lodged against them, and the majority of these grievances were communication issues. Doctors who, just like the hot-shots on shows like ER and Grey's Anatomy, were judgmental, condescending and ignored what patients had to say.

So while being a good communicator doesn't necessarily make one a better doctor, the best doctors definitely know how to communicate.