Saturday, 26 May 2007

Join the fight against 'indooritis'

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Indooritis is defined as "the hidden threat in every home, mall, and office that drives sufferers to strange, synthetic extremes to replace the natural joys in life."

So basically it just means that when people spend too much time indoors they go a little nuts.

Do you have it? I think everybody does a little by the time spring rolls around. But now that spring has sprung it's much easier to get outside, and Lipton tea is launching a new campaign to "fight indooritis." They've got a website full of interesting features and strange facts about the outdoors (did you know a koala's fingerprints are so similar to a human's they could be confused at a crime scene?), and they've even come up with "O.U.T.S.I.D.E," which stands for "organization for the understanding and treatment of society's indoor dependency epidemic."

This idea (and the website especially) is lighthearted and silly and I think it's great idea.

Here comes the bride (Hey, has she been working out?)

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My own wedding dress cost $49.95, can you believe it? It was shoved onto a rack in the back room of a local store. When I tried it on, it was so beautiful, I was sold, and couldn't believe my good fortune. The money I saved on that dress went straight into our honeymoon fund, where it was soon spent on shopping, snorkeling, and a few too many of those drinks with the little umbrellas in them.

It's wedding season, and while you brides out there may not be pinching pennies on your wedding wardrobe like I did, you might be looking for quick and inexpensive ways to get in shape for your big day. The New York Times has an interactive slideshow detailing five new fitness DVDs created just for brides, all under $20. One video customizes workouts to fit your wedding dress style, while another offers high heel coaching and a lesson in stripteasing (for after the wedding, I presume.) The article points out that the DVDs are meant to be short-term workouts that would likely lose their edge after 6 weeks, unless you took steps to make them harder by using heavier weights or increasing intensity. But with wedding season right around the corner, 6 weeks may be all you need to get buff just in time to walk down the aisle.

Not only for wrinkles, Botox helps the prostate?

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Botox fan? If you've ever seen the need to zap those wrinkles with a small injection of Botox, you're not alone. However, the product is now being said to help men with enlarged prostates as well.

Wha? Sound odd? It did to me as well -- but a smaller study revealed just that when Botox was injected directly into the gland. Men with enlarged prostates -- about 75% of them -- showed some relief after the treatment.

Will you select a Botox injection for relief of the symptoms caused by an enlarged prostate? While this is only a study, there are sure to be many millions of men that could possibly be interested in the real-life applications of the results here. that is, if there ends up being any.

Beat high gas prices and stay fit: bike to work

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Before I started working out of my house, I yearned for a job I didn't have to use my car to get to. Whether that meant walking, or riding my bike didn't matter -- I just wanted an excuse to get outdoors, get a little exercise, and avoid paying the soaring prices.

If you've been thinking about biking to the office, this summer might be the perfect time to give it a try. Here's a few tips from Leo at zenhabits on how to make sure it goes well.

1. Plan ahead -- make sure you know where you can shower and freshen up once you've reached the office.

2. Leave your clothes at work ahead of time -- this avoids carrying a backpack, which will make you uncomfortable and even more sweaty than you would've been otherwise.

3. Have a spare tube and tools, and know how to change a tire -- because walking your bike for miles is no fun.

For more tips on biking to work, and other ideas about healthy, productive living, check out zenhabits.

New fitness machines being made "age adjustable"

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As the large population of Baby Boomers grows older, and as all ages of Americans become more interested in exercise and activity, a new challenge is being created for fitness companies to create equipment that will not only work for the previously common "average" customer, but for newly growing "aging" group as well.

Recently companies from all over convened in Las Vegas to show off what they've done to make fitness machines not only challenging and effective, but also sensitive to older users and adjustable for things like achy joints. There are all kinds of new ideas out there, click here to see a few examples of what the Vegas trade show had to offer.

Salty diet could lead to ulcers

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If you eat a lot of processed and restaurant foods these days, my bet is that the single ingredient making many foods "taste" good is sodium. In classic fashion, "dead" foods are generally souped up with high amounts of sodium so, you know, they actually have a taste.

High sodium (salt) intake leads to hypertension and high blood pressure -- no surprise there. But possible gastric ulcers are now being tied to a high-salt diet as well.

This is not the first time I've heard this.If you've ever had an ulcer, you probably are not fond of the experience in any way. One less thing to lead to them would be to not expose yourself to a high amount of salt in your diet. That's a hard battle indeed, though.