Saturday, 15 December 2007

What's the most prevalent eating disorder? Binge-eating disorder

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When we think of eating disorders, the image we conjure is of stick-thin anorexics and bulimics. But the most prevalent eating disorder isn't anorexia or bulimia -- it's Binge-eating disorder. Does it affect you?

Let's be clear here -- everyone overdoes it on occasion, eating more than is comfortable and feeling bad about it. But there's a difference between going back for thirds at the all-you-can-eat buffet and suffering from binge-eating disorder. It's a serious problem. Symptoms include food hoarding, eating to the point of pain or discomfort, regular dieting without weight loss and depression or anxiety over eating habits.

The May Clinic has some great resources on this disorder -- click here to find out more, and of course, see your doctor if you suspect with might have this disorder. And for a first-hand account of the disorder, head over to the fabulous Sunny's Shape-up Blog.

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