Saturday, 15 December 2007

Holiday party strategies

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If you've been pretty good about diet and exercise for the past few months, it would be a shame to blow it over the holidays with all those parties. The Sun's Fit Squad recently discussed holiday party eating and drinking strategies that won't de-rail all your hard work:
  • Eat a healthy meal before you party to minimize your nibbling.
  • If you do eat at the party, avoid salty snacks -- they'll just make you thirsty for more alcohol.
  • But do nibble on healthy things -- berries are a great option.
  • Instead of taking a taxi, why not walk to your event? That is, provided it's a reasonable distance and decent weather ....
  • Stick to wine or clear alcohol with a no-calories mixer. Sparkling wine is a great choice because the bubbles fill you up.
How do you navigate the holiday party scene without packing on unnecessary calories?

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