Saturday, 15 December 2007

Happy stressful holidays

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Are your holidays off to a merry start? If not, you're in good company. Respondents in a recent Mental Health America study indicated this cheery season is downright stressful.

Forty percent of survey participants said finances cause them too much worry, and 34 percent feel they have too many competing seasonal activities in their lives. Time with family, either too much or not enough, is stressing 17 percent. And 28 percent have anxiety about overindulgence or lack of exercise.

Never fear. Here are some stress busters intended to help you steal back some of your sanity.

To ease money woes, sell some of your rarely used holiday gifts from last year on eBay or scale back on the number of gifts you buy. To minimize time commitments, kindly say "no thanks" to some parties and events or drop by for a short bit and then go hang out with family. To combat cookie guilt, vow to walk 30 minutes for every treat you eat. And for the family members who drive you nutty, focus on the positive traits each person in your clan has to offer. Surely, there's something redeeming about those aunts and uncles you so rarely see.

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