Saturday, 10 November 2007

Whole grain advocates to step up awareness

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Instead of eating that refined-flour, sugary doughnut, do you pick up a whole-grain muffin with perhaps some fresh fruit as a topping? Many of us have made the switch and are not only healthier as a result, but we have a breakfast that is just as tasty.

Advocates of whole grains, who have done an admirable job in the last five years making the public aware that whole grains are nutritious and tasty as well as healthy, want to step up those efforts and get more whole grains into kitchens and pantries nationwide. That is excellent news.

The perception many Americans have about the term "whole grains" is one of the pressing issues faced by many groups, but an expert puts it pretty succinctly: "We're pretty sure we've broken down that business about whole grains being preindustrial, or raw from the farm ... the message is clear that they're healthy." Yes, they are.

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