Sunday, 18 November 2007

What's in a name? Maybe your success

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Can your name predict your future success? Possibly, according to researchers out of Yale and the University of California, San Diego. They say that our names may unconsciously affect our success in a negative way. Looking at records of hundreds of thousands of individuals, the researchers concluded that people may have a preference for their own name or initials, and that preference may unknowingly lead us to limit our success.

For instance, they found that children whose names start with C or D are more likely to get lower grades than those whose names begin with A or B. Not only that, but baseball players whose last names start with K are more likely to strike out than those with other last names, because K signifies a strikeout on the score sheet. They found that this letter association, or "name-letter" effect was more likely to lead to negative consequences than positive. Kids with names that started with A or B, for example, were not more likely to do better in school.

It's more than coincidence, researchers say, but unlikely to have a large impact on anyone's life. What do you think about this finding?

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