Wednesday, 21 November 2007

The top stress triggers this holiday season

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Stress seems to be an inevitable aspect of our lives these days -- we expect to be stressed and we plan for it. And the holidays, though usually a wonderful and joyous time, are notorious for causing yet more stress. Courtesy of eDiets, here are the top stress triggers this holiday season and some tips for how to relax:
  • Finances. When you're expected to spend money of everyone close to you, it can put a real strain on the bank account. The solution? It's a bit late this year, but put some cash aside next year for the holidays, and start early (like, as soon as you're done paying off this year's bills.)
  • Health. Every ache and pain can be a sign of something bigger to a worrisome person. The solution? Write your concerns, plus any stressful events, in a journal for a few weeks. After a while, you may notice patterns in your health concerns, and it arms you to better discuss things with your doctor.
  • Family. The holidays bring family close together, and it's not always a good thing. The solution? Take a walk -- by yourself.
  • Weather. The weather can be a big bummer if you live in a winter climate. The solution? Yoga and meditation can help you foster positive spirits.
  • The Holidays. Running around, trying to get presents together is stressful. The solution? Plan ahead so you can spend time enjoying the season.
  • Loneliness. If you don't have anyone to spend it with, the holidays can be the most depressing time of year. The solution? Call up an old friend. Join a choir. Volunteer. You might feel alone but there are people out there who are just as lonely as you -- reach out to them.

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