Wednesday, 14 November 2007

This holiday season, make exercise a priority

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The holidays are a wonderful, magical time, but they're also chalk-full of stress, hurrying and general business. With everything going on, it can seem impossible to get some time to yourself, and your workout routine tends to go to the dogs. But with all the goodies you're probably eating, it's more important than ever to maintain a healthy routine. Courtesy of Glee Magazine, here are some tips for keeping fit during the festive season:
  • When you shop, plan to walk a lot. Park as far away form the entrance as you can, and park on the opposite end from the store you plan on going too. And a walk around the outside couldn't hurt either.
  • Write gym visits and fitness classes into you schedules and to-do-lists.
  • Forget cookie exchange -- why not exchange fitness DVDs? Then you're motivated to try some new workouts, and it doesn't matter how bad the weather is.
  • Cut down your own Christmas tree. A spend some quality family time together doing activities like sledding, skating and skiing.
How do you keep fit during the holidays?

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