Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Thankful for a healthy holiday

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Today is the day, three years ago, that I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was the day before Thanksgiving, just like it is now, and instead of giving thanks for all that was good in my life, I began questioning my life. I wondered why cancer was descending upon me. I was young, seemingly healthy, and ready to tackle the world. Cancer didn't fit into my life plans. Nor did it make a bit of sense. That was then.

This is now. And cancer does make sense. It took a while for the mystery to unfold but at this moment in time, it's all very clear. Cancer was a wake-up call, a reminder to take stock of my life. Because of cancer, I know who my true friends are -- Bev and Fitz, you are two of them -- and I know how to better prioritize the competing forces in my world. Family comes first; all else follows. Cancer taught me to stress less and relax more. It motivated me to reach out to those in need and in an odd turn of events, it showed me that I may not have been all that healthy after all. There was so much more I could do in the name of prevention and so because of cancer, I am eating better, exercising more, enjoying a trimmed-down figure, and truly fueling my body in the best possible way. Now, cancer makes sense.

Today, I am thankful for my health. And while I'm an optimist who believes I will be well for a long, long time, I do know cancer comes back. I also know the future is uncertain and other health issues may be looming on the horizon for me. That is why I focus mostly on the day and do the best I can with each set of 24 hours that are given to me.

Today, I am healthy. And that makes me happy.
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