Thursday, 15 November 2007

Take a moment to re-boot

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Ever notice how sometimes your computer slows down to a snail's pace and all it takes is a quick click on the 'restart' button to get it going again? The forces that are slowing down your computer are like the stress that slows you down. Stress can wreak havoc on every aspect of your life--your diet, your sleeping patterns, your relationships--so if you're under stress it's important to take a few moments every day to 're-boot' and wipe stress away, even if it's only temporarily.

And according to Everyday Health, it only takes one minute to reduce stress. Every day, take just one minute to sit and do nothing, whether it's at your desk, in your car or outside in the front yard. Make sure there are no distracting noises, and it's essential that you do nothing -- no cooking, no organizing, no talking, no emails. It won't completely erase stress from you're life, but it;s a start and you'll feel much better afterwards.

Another thing that can help both you an your computer? Take a day you get organized -- it might seem frustrating when you're at it, but it will make everything go smoother.

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