Monday, 12 November 2007

Some women risk 'risky' sex at the worst possible time

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In a new Kinsey Institute study, women that are most attracted to the masculine (and often, high-risk) male during ovulation are more likely to become pregnant. Sounds logical to me.

First off, women in the midst of ovulation who have sex without protection of some sort are gambling regardless, unless pregnancy is the goal. If not, finding the more potent male around doubles or triples that pregnancy risk. Doesn't anyone think here? Apparently not.

The study used computer-generated images of men with varying masculine features as well as data like sex partners and condom use. The study revealed that when women who were ovulating took the test in the study, their brains showed more activity in areas linked to reward and risk taking.

In other words, they were set to get some sex on and wanted the riskiest partner to get it on with. Interestingly, the area of the brain that defied normal logic here was the same area linked to drug addiction and gambling (among other things).

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