Sunday, 18 November 2007

Shoddy nursing homes need stiffer penalties

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This is something we should never hear of -- nursing homes treating citizens like animals and disorganized distribution of medications (among other things). U.S. Senators indicated this past week that they are seeking much stiffer penalties to nursing homes the provide substandard care. Finally.

The corporate "cost savings" mentality has invaded the nursing home industry on a decent scale, with large companies buying homes only then to start squeezing costs out of the system on the way to 'shareholder value' and other petty reasons. Apparently, human health care become a distant concern.

One thing I completely agree with in these recommendations are making it clear to customers (and the public) of nursing homes owned by private equity groups instead of smaller entities. Want an example of a national assisted living company that just keeps on growing by acquisitions? Alterra.

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