Monday, 19 November 2007

Set sail with this kiddie veggie vessel

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While I don't typically find the time to cook, prepare, and present creative kiddie meals for my little boys, this clever lunch idea caught my eye. I'm not saying I'll set out on a mission to prepare this healthy masterpiece, but you might and that's why I share Family Fun magazine's Lunch Ahoy idea with you.

First things first: Create our own veggie vessel by carving out half of a pickling cucumber, plum tomato, or yellow pepper. Then: Fill your vessel with tuna salad and push one end of a celery or carrot stick into the tuna. This is your mast. Finally: Set a triangle sail of pepper, lettuce, or cheese next to the mast. If you want to really go crazy, serve on a blue plate with a few fishy crackers.

How cute is this?

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