Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Relax with some criminal mischief

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Hard work got you down? Feeling tired? Stressed out? Hmmm. Lots of us are. In response, most folks take a nap, get a massage, or check out a movie. My good friend Art Adkins took a different route for stress relief though. Instead of just chilling out, he wrote and published a book! Ever think of doing that? I thought it was a pretty cool concept.

Art is a Sergeant with the Gainesville Police Department in Florida and a former LAPD Sergeant as well. He's spent 27 long years in law enforcement and to him, creating a murder mystery involving the criminals and cases he's been involved in for decades became his escape. The Oasis Project is a clever and exciting tale of a family's murder and the secrets surrounding it. Art brings the case to life in the way that only a true law enforcement officer can do.

I'm impressed that in efforts to just relax, Art put his mind to work. Where many people choose TV time as the decompressor of choice, Art kind of took on a part time job. Is there something productive you can do when you're frazzled? Maybe you could quilt, scrapbook, write or woodwork. Maybe you can create some extra income for yourself while you're doing it too! The Oasis Project is not only a fun and exciting read, it's a little bit of motivation for the rest of us to do even better.

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