Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Odd questions about Turkey from Butterball

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Turkey is a rare but delicious treat for most of us. But how much do you really know about Turkey? Here are some interesting questions that the people at the Butterball Turkey Talk Line have addressed over the years, according to this article from eDiets:
  • Q: Do Turkeys have belly buttons? (No, they're hatched from eggs)
  • Q: Can you keep an uncooked turkey frozen by strapping it to the luggage rack while driving to Minnesota? (Yes, if it's below freezing out. But be careful not to lose it. )
  • Q: if you're out of cooking oil, can you baste your bird with suntan oil? (Um .... no ...)
  • Q: My Chihuahua is stuck inside the turkey -- how can I get it out without ruining the pet or the dinner? (Yes, this is real)
Got a question for the Turkey people? Call 1-800-BUTTERBALL or check out the Turkey Talk Podcast.

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