Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Men: Who is most likely to live to 100?

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A recent review of World War I draft cards, done by the University of Chicago's Center on Aging, revealed some interesting clues about what it takes to live to be 100. Researchers found that, in that group of men at least, those who lived to be centenarian's were most likely to:
  • be farmers
  • have four or more children
  • have a thin or medium build
  • be born to women under the age of 25
These findings are at odds with other recent studies, and health experts say they deserve a closer look. Whether or not these same characteristics would help you reach 100 in today's world is unclear. Some theorize that farmers had better sanitation than city dwellers in the late 19th century (when these men would have been born), or that the hard work of farming helped men stay trim and healthy. Others think that having more children means having better support late in life, though other studies have linked more offspring with a shorter life span.

What do you think of this finding?

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