Thursday, 15 November 2007

Life Fit Chat with Laura Lewis: Games to get you moving this Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is often a time of feasting and then crashing in front of the TV to watch football. Instead of watching TV this thanksgiving ... go outside and play! Not only will the activity be good for you, but you will also find that playing with your friends and family is really so much more valuable than parking yourself on the sofa (although, I know that can be nice too!). Okay, so you like the idea ... but what should we play? Glad you asked!

Fun Games For A Fit Thanksgiving
  1. Instead of watching football get the family together and play a game of flag football.
  2. Frisbie ... This simple game is fun for everyone of every skill level. And, is sure to provide lots of laughs!
  3. Croquet ... The quintessential lawn game. Surely, the pilgrims brought their croquet to the new land!
  4. Bocce ... This Italian lawn game is the equivalent of duckpin bowling meets croquet. This game is played with only two to four players, so if you can't rally a crowd you can still go outside and get your game on.
  5. Giant Pick Up Sticks ... The rules have not changed since you played the inside version of this game. Pick up each of the 31 sticks without moving any others ... the person with the most sticks wins! This is a great game to play with children.
  6. If you want to burn some serious calories, soccer is the sport to play. One good competitive game of this sport, and you can easily justify an additional slice of pumpkin pie!
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