Tuesday, 20 November 2007

The law on leftovers

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If you like your turkey, stuffing, and gravy better the second time around, you'll want to get your Thanksgiving goodies in the fridge within two hours of eating, says Kathy Bernard of the USDA meat and poultry Hotline. Fruit pies with no dairy can stay out (be warned: they may get moldy), but the other stuff must be kept chilly.

A few good food-storing options, recommended by the product experts at Reader's Digest, include Tupperware's Heat N Serve line -- it has a valve perfect for reheating -- and Stuffables, built to fit odd-shaped foods like a turkey leg.

If you're looking for good and secure stackers, give Rubbermaid's Premier containers a try. And for more on making use of leftovers, check out these Reader's Digest resources.

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