Sunday, 18 November 2007

Healthy relationships: Do your eyes wander?

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Have you every caught your spouse's or partner's eyes lingering a little too long over someone who wasn' As offensive as it may seem, scientists are now saying that a little ogling is normal, for men and women.

Called "attention adhesion," it's when an attractive person draws our eye and we just can't look away. But that doesn't mean that you get to stare with your tongue hanging out, while your mate's blood pressure rises. Instead, scientists say that though our eyes may be automatically drawn to a person who catches our interest, self-control should take over very soon after.

Healthy rubbernecking and healthy relationships have the same thing in common -- respect. While ogling may be evolutionary, you have to know what your partners limits are. Lingering over a celebrity might be acceptable to your wife, commenting on her sister's hotness is most likely not. For more do's and don'ts on ogling, check out the side bar in this MSNBC article.

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