Monday, 19 November 2007

Harden up the hard way!

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Quite often as a fitness trainer, I get excited when low level fitness people achieve moderate levels of fitness. I'm thrilled and grateful when someone turns their life around to simply ensure that they are going to live. And then there is the other type of excited. And that type is when I see someone of moderate level fitness achieve an elite level. I'm also really excited, because usually I've had something to do with these people's success.

Not this time though. Friday I went back to shoot some more fitness video segments with Anthony Field of The Wiggles, and to be quite frank.....I found it hard to keep my jaw off the floor. He has literally transformed himself from the cute Wiggle who carried around a little bit of extra weight, to the Wiggle who could take on his own Calvin Klein campaign! Normally I take on the mother-hen caring persona when congratulating and encouraging others on their fitness efforts. Anthony forced me into the giggly blushing nerd persona. A shocking transformation.

So. How did he achieve this insane new level of fitness? What makes him capable of wearing the tight Under Armour shirt with exquisite ease? Pull-ups! The man spends his days hanging from an extend-able bar mounted on the bathroom door in his dressing rooms. He does the hardest series of pull-up variations I've seen outside Olympic gymnastics.

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