Monday, 19 November 2007

Getting takeout? Lighten up with these tips

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When you're tired of turkey leftovers next week, you just might find yourself calling up for Asian takeout. Often, people don't consider Asian takeout fast food, but depending on how it's prepared, it can have just as much fat, calories, and sodium as a meal from McDonald's. It doesn't have to be that way, however, and eDiets has some tips for lightening up your next takeout meal, including:
  • Start with soup. Studies show that people who start their meal with soup eat fewer calories during the rest of the meal. Choose miso, egg drop, or hot and sour.
  • Go for white meat, chicken, or fish. Better yet, pick a vegetarian dish.
  • Ask to have your sauce on the side, and request the chef go light on the oil. Don't forget to ask for no MSG.
  • Use soy sauce sparingly, and choose the low-sodium kind.
  • Avoid words like "batter-dipped" and fried. Instead, look for entrees that are steamed, roasted, simmered, or stir-fried.
  • Look to see if brown rice is on the menu. Otherwise, choose steamed rice over fried.
Finally, use chopsticks -- you'll eat less. What's your favorite way to trim down your favorite takeout meal?

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