Sunday, 18 November 2007

Fitness Role Models: Do they help or hinder?

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Do you have a fitness role model? I have to say that I don't but I do look to fitness magazine cover models as a sort of source of information for how I'd like to look. But the truth is, not matter how hard I work, I doubt I'll ever had abs as sculpted a Gabby Reece. Still, it can't hurt to dream big, right?

Diet Blog recently looked into the idea of idolizing fitness models. Truth is, looking up to someone who looks that good can be both extremely motivating ... and quite depressing when it starts to seem unachievable.

But we have a realize a few things. First, fitness models get paid to look good. It's their job. You'd look good too if you spent your working hours at the gym. Secondly, fitness photos are professionally done -- meaning they have perfect make-up, perfect hair, perfect lighting, perfect tans and .... perfect air-brushing.

So what do you think? Is idolizing fitness models helpful or hurtful?

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