Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Fitness math

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Let's be honest, math sucks. I apologize if me saying that offends the thousands of mathematicians who frequent this site (tongue planted quite firmly in cheek), but I'm sure the rest of you agree that there isn't any fun to be found in a math equation. Still, there are some instances when it's necessary for us to just suck it up and crunch the numbers.

Tracking your fitness progress and staying on track to reach your goals often involves the dreaded M word: Math. Arithmetic. Or whatever you want to call it, physical fitness can oftentimes be best charted and measured using these equations. Fortunately, most of them are simple enough for even me to handle, so I have little doubt that you guys will have any trouble with them.

One of the more important fitness formulas is one that helps determine how many calories you should be eating. Essentially, using this formula, you determine what your normal caloric intake is and, based on the resulting figure, how many calories you'll have to reduce your diet by to lose weight.

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