Monday, 19 November 2007

Fit Gifts: Healthy gifts for your co-workers

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The holiday season is an excellent time to let co-workers and employees know that your relationship with them is important to you. Rather than run out and buy some generic gift for your office-mates, though, why not take some time to buy a thoughtful gift to let co-workers and employees know that you care? Ediets has some suggestions, including:
  • Give delicious treats like Kookie Karma Cookies or flavored popcorn from LesserEvil.
  • Avoid giving highly fragranced items to those with allergies, or sweet treats to someone you know is trying to lose weight.
  • Give a gift card to a favorite store.
  • Make a donation in an employee's name to charities like Food for the Poor, for one. Finding a charity that's important to the gift recipient will make the donation every more significant.
  • Consider tickets to sporting events or concerts.
  • When in doubt, personalize your gift.
Most importantly, make sure that your gift tells your co-worker or employee that you value their contribution to the office.

Got an office-mate who's interested in health and fitness? Consider giving one of these fit gifts instead!


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