Tuesday, 20 November 2007

FDA to possibly regulate salt inside processed foods?

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When eating that hearty Thanksgiving meal this Thursday, rest assured that many of the items being eaten will probably have an extra helping of sodium. Are you feeling that blood pressure rise already?

Unfortunately, the majority of processed foods use sodium and other items to give foods that desirable taste after months spent in a box or can (or frozen), but more often than not, there's too much sodium in there. Well, unless you prefer to share those individually-wrapped portions with someone else.

Gravy, potato mixes and other holiday items sometimes contain more than enough sodium for an entire day, so when considering those salty portions this Thanksgiving day, you may want to cut back on some of them if your blood pressure is already above average. And be aware -- the FDA is considering regulation of sodium in foods, which would be to the benefit of those unaware of all the salt they're eating every day.

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