Monday, 12 November 2007

Fasting linked to heart health

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While fasting isn't usually recommended for losing weight, a recent study found that regular fasting may actually help the heart. When scientists reviewed the records of 4,500 men and women -- 90% of them Mormons -- they found that those who fasted regularly were over a third less likely to develop coronary heart disease.

Though the research is certainly interesting, health experts aren't recommending that people start fasting for their heart. No one is sure why fasting seemed to help the participants in the study -- whether it was just a marker of a healthy lifestyle, of eating less overall, or if something different is going on. There's also concern that people with certain conditions, like diabetes, may have complications if they begin going long periods without food.

Brian recently wrote about a study that found that restricting calories can lead to a longer life. This study seems to complement that research, but it might be some time before we understand what it really means.

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