Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Early teen sex, less delinquency later

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Sex became a big topic in high school. Among my various groups of girlfriends, losing virginity was kept secret, whispered to a few trusted friends or more overtly shared. Virgins reacted with a flock of emotions ranging from excitement, moral disgust, envy, shock, happiness and even cynical judgment that the de-virginized were headed down a disastrous life path.

Well, a new study says teens who have sex at an early age may be less likely to engage in antisocial/delinquent behavior down the line, than teens who waited. Researchers examined surveys of 534 same-sex pairs of American twins, which immediately took genetic and socio-economic variables out of the mix. Results question the common assumption that early sex is associated with future delinquency. Rather, the study suggests early sex may even help teens form positive social relationships in early adulthood.

Hmmm -- taking a look at three girls I knew in high school -- the two who were sexually active before graduation were definitely less delinquent in early adulthood than the one who had her first sexual encounter in college!

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