Sunday, 18 November 2007

Don't eat lunch at your desk

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During my corporate advertising days, I usually ate lunch alone in my cubicle. That cube became a jail during the colder months when jetting across the street for a sandwich wasn't worth the wind chill. Don't let the cold or simply a bad habit chain you to your desk during lunch hour. Here are a few healthy reasons to lunch out of the office:

  • You and your Crackberry need a rest or some exercise. Work outside on yourself. That daily 20 minute walk or longer workout is a mental and physical investment.
  • Your desk is no place to socialize. Head to the lunch room or eat together in a small group. Just don't eat alone -- we all need socialization.
  • Your half-eaten sandwich is hardly professional. One expert says eating at your desk looks sloppy and implies poor time-management. You're also missing the opportunity to network.
  • Lunchtime is prime holiday shopping time!

If dripping mustard on that important report isn't enough, keep reading for more reasons to unleash yourself during lunchtime.

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