Sunday, 18 November 2007

Deaths from vaccine-preventable diseases fall to all-time low

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A new report from the U.S. government indicated this past week hat the incidence of vaccine-preventable deaths in American has reached an all-time low.

The report, published by the CDC, concluded that childhood vaccinations have severely reduced the death rates from common childhood diseases to the tune of 100 percent.

Looked at in the study were 13 vaccine-preventable deaths: diphtheria; pertussis (whooping cough); tetanus; polio; measles; mumps; rubella (German measles); invasive Haemophilia's influenza type b (Hib); acute hepatitis B; hepatitis A; varicella (chickenpox); Streptococcus pneumoniae (pneumococcal); and smallpox.

Although some parents are against the vaccination of their kids to so many conditions, do you consider this "news" from the CDC to be good or just some sign of the times?

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