Saturday, 10 November 2007

Chiropractors: A waste of time?

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In university, I worked as an office assistant for a Chiropractic clinic. Perks of the job included free adjustments, an offer I never took up. I sometimes wonder if that was foolish of me but at the time I had no back aches or pains so I really didn't see a point. Now, almost a decade later, I still haven't seen a chiropractor, but I've been considering it.

Not so fast, according to researchers from Australia -- You'll recover from your back pain quicker with exercise and mild pain killers. In an extensive study, it was shown patients who received spinal manipulation or strong anti-inflammatory drugs didn't feel any better than those who took over-the-counter pain killers. These findings raised a few eyebrows because both anti-inflammatory drugs and spinal manipulation are controversial.

Still, I don't think this study properly addressed the long-term effects of treatments -- rather, it was more concerned with who felt better fastest. What do you think? Do you see your chiropractor regularly?

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