Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Can you be denied immigration for being too fat? Yep!

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My recent post on the so-called 'tubby tax' had you guys talking -- the majority of you are very opposed to the idea of paying more on a flight just because you're carrying a few extra pounds. But if you think that's bad listen to this: Rowan Trezise, a British woman, has been denied immigration to New Zealand because she's overweight and considered a burden on the health system.


Her husband Richie was also told to slim down and he was able to shed two inches from his waist, which made him eligible to enter the country. But Ms. Trezise is stuck in the UK until she can get her BMI below 25 -- anything higher is considered overweight.

There are a few problems with this -- firstly, BMI is not considered an accurate measure of health by healthcare professionals. Secondly? It's outrageously discriminatory. What do you think?

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