Thursday, 15 November 2007

Breakfast of Dieties

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Pancakes are pretty much off limits if you're trying to eat healthy. Sure, you can tinker around with the ingredients to make them less high in fast-digesting carbs and take measures to reduce calories, but the end result is usually a pretty flat tasting pancake (pun completely intended). But, is there a pancake out there that somehow rises above the issue of personal health? If there is, it has to be the Jesus Pancake.

Ending with a winning bid on eBay of $338, a pancake that allegedly had the visage of Jesus Christ mysteriously imprinted on it was sold by a Florida woman earlier today. Oddly enough, this is not the first time a Jesus pancake has been up for sale on the popular internet auction site. Last year, an Ohio man fetched bids up to $14,999.00 before eBay officials removed it from the site against allegations of fraud.

It turns out that the Ohio man's pancake savior may have actually been a money-making scheme by the seller. Some speculate that the entire incident may have been even more duplicitous; a promotional prank thought up by the makers of -- get this -- the Jesus Frying Pan. I swear to God (who himself has yet to appear on breakfast food), there is an actual pan you can purchase that imprints the image of Jesus onto your food.

In a related story, I'm going to eat an entire pizza tomorrow morning after I claim to see Buddha in the pepperoni.

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