Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Avoid mindless eating this Thanksgiving

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One of the problems with holiday weight gain lies not so much in the meal itself -- after all, how much can you really eat in a sitting? (Wait, don't answer that.) -- but in the fact that delicious, delectable goodies are lying around all weekend long It's hard not to reach out and try a bite of this or put a little extra of that on your plate. I'm all for indulging a little on special occasions, but if you find yourself putting on a little weight every time a party or holiday gets together rolls around, it might be time to think about what you're eating.

Mindless eating is a problem year round, but it can be especially problematic over the holidays. MSNBC has a few quick tips to help you be a little more mindful about what your body is telling you eat:
  • Wear a belt. If not a belt, at least a snuggish pair of pants (and leave them buttoned). When you're full, excuse yourself and resist reaching for seconds.
  • Put your calories toward your favorite items and things that you don't get to eat every day. That way, you'll still feel like you're celebrating and not depriving yourself.
  • Take small portions the first time around. If you need to go back for more, a second small portion will do, but chances are that those two servings are smaller than the large first serving you'd typically take.
  • Forgo the late night turkey sandwich and eat a piece of fruit or some carrots from the veggie tray instead.
Have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!

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