Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Ask Fitz! Your Fitzness Questions Answered - Avoiding holiday weight gain & healthier desserts

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Have fitness questions? Fitz has your answer. Our fitness expert -- and now your own virtual personal trainer -- will help you get fit, increase your overall health and do it in a fun way. Drop your questions here in the Comments section below and we'll choose two per week to publish on That's Fit! Learn more about Fitz here.

Q. Hey Fitz, I recently lost over 60 pounds and have kept it off for about two months so far. I have done a great job of making great food choices and exercising, but now that the holidays are here I'm terrified I'll gain much of the weight back. Junk food and parties are everywhere. Help! Alan

A. Thanks so much for the terrific question, Alan. You're not the only one facing the holidays as though you are looking down the barrel of a gun. It's certainly the most challenging time of the year when it comes to temptation. Isn't it weird that folks gift us with things such as cookies and pie, that will harm us in the long run? Why do friends do that to each other? It's like saying "Happy Holidays! Let me edge you closer to your heart attack!", or "Merry Christmas! Don't you ever look so good in those jeans again!" I don't get it. In fact, I make a policy of never giving unhealthy food as a gift to people that I care about.

Nonetheless. This is what you can do to stay on track. First of all, remind yourself consistently that the holidays are for celebrating friends, family, and religious values. Christmas for example, truly has nothing to do with mozzarella sticks or chocolate cake. Second, resolve to stick 100% to your exercise routine or even to amp it up a bit. Third, it's OK to say "no thank you." If you politely accepted every piece of pie, chocolate or glass of egg nog, you'd be in big trouble weight-wise for sure. It's OK to say "no thank you". In your case a thoughtful and honest reply of "I've been working really hard to take care of my health" would probably make most people stop pushing. Some will still push, and you can still just say "no thank you". Either that or take the junk food and dump it when no one is looking. At your big holiday feasts I suggest to follow this little rule of thumb. Enjoy a little bit of the things you like, but not too much of anything.

Alan, you've shown incredible discipline to lose 60 pounds this year. Just continue to do the same thing you've been doing. I wish you happy and healthy holidays. Fitz

Q. Miss Fitz. I've been assigned the job of bringing dessert to my son's fourth grade holiday party at school. Have any healthy suggestions? A. Trina

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