Monday, 19 November 2007

Are you in a psychological recession at work?

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Are you emotionally in a good state of mind when Monday rolls around and you have to return to work? Do you work in an environment where upper management cares about you? As you arrive to work each day are you ready to depart for home?

Judith Bardwick, author of One Foot Out The Door: How to Combat the Psychological Recession That's Alienating Employees and Hurting American Business, says a majority of our nation's employees are in a psychological recession. Frightened and skittish after years of corporate layoffs, up to two-thirds of today's employees are looking for a job or giving minimum effort. What's the point, when it could be your neck on the chopping block next?

I can attest that working amidst a psychological recession is not good for your emotional health, and Bardwick has the research to show bad management is not good for a company's financial health, either. But she also offers solutions for upper management to ponder. What's your job like? Do you have one foot out the door?

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