Tuesday, 9 October 2007

You really can break those bad eating habits

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Bad habits aren't broken, they're replaced. Even the worst bad eating habit can be substituted with a healthier, but yet still satisfying version that will help you improve your nutrition and health, as well as help you to lose weight if that's your goal. You just have to get creative!

Real Simple
has some great ideas for building better habits. For instance, if you eat too fast, you might be setting yourself up for tummy troubles and weight gain. Instead, choose foods that force you to eat with utensils. Take frequent breaks to set your fork or spoon down, look around, and take a sip of water. After a few more bites, take another break. Eventually, you'll get used to the slower pace and you'll notice yourself actually feeling like your full sooner than before. See? Habit successfully replaced!

What's your worst eating habit? Can you think of an easy way to replace it with a better one?

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