Tuesday, 9 October 2007

You Are What You Eat: The low-cal, high nutrition sweet potato

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sweet potatoEach week, we'll be offering original recipes and unique ways to use those Super Foods that pack nutritional power. After all, you are what you eat -- make it count!

Food power -- it is what we are looking for from this feature, right? So if you aren't eating sweet potatoes, here are some good reasons to start.

  • Low in calories -- One sweet potato is about 95 calories.
  • Antioxidants -- Not only are sweet potatoes high in vitamins A and C, but they contain unique root proteins that are powerful antioxidants.
  • Sweet potatoes help stabilize blood sugar levels.
  • Anti-inflammatory -- May help fight arthritis, asthma and other inflammatory diseases.
  • The vitamin B6 in sweet potatoes helps fight heart attack and stroke.

If sweet potatoes conjure thoughts and images of Thanksgiving dishes, try some of these unique and healthy recipes using sweet potatoes.

Asian Style Chef Salad -- with sweet potato, radishes, baby eggplant and tuna
Warm Sweet Potato and Green Bean Salad -- with a red wine vinaigrette and watercress
Caribbean Sweet Potato Crock Pot Stew -- with chorizo sausage, tomato and exotic spices
Sweet Potato and Greens Soup -- spinach or kale adds even more nutrition
Roasted Sweet Potato Risotto -- with onion, garlic and fresh herbs
Hoisin Kebab with Grilled Flank Steak -- with Asian style marinade

Other ideas?
  • Try using sweet potatoes anywhere you would have used white potatoes.
  • Cube them into salads and soups.
  • Make a sweet potato hash for breakfast. Add green veggies, too.

What's your favorite way to eat a sweet potato?

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