Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Yoga in the classroom means calmer kids

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I remember being an elementary student in the 70s, stopping lessons mid-morning every day to exercise to a record (boy, I am dating myself here) called "Go, You Chicken Fat, Go." It may have not been the most hip song in the world, but we loved getting out of our seats and getting to move a little bit.

More than ever, teachers are understanding the need to connecting learning with the real world, and some teachers are using starting to use yoga as a classroom tool. Tying yoga poses to mythology, using easy flashcards for kids to learn poses, and teaching kids to use yoga to calm themselves before a big test are just a sampling of how yoga is being used in the classroom. Physical education teachers are also using yoga more often in P.E. Learning yoga, say proponents, helps reduce stress during the beginning of the new school year, calms kids, and teaches them to breathe and stretch correctly.

Beats "Chicken Fat" by a long shot. I wish my own teachers had thought of it!