Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Would you take weight-loss advice from this woman?

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Have you heard about the Kimkins controversy? If you haven't, you're one of the few -- it's big news around the online weight loss community these days, particularly because the programs founder, Heidi Diaz, has recently be uncovered as a fraud, not the cute girl in the red dress who claims to have lost 118-lbs in 11 months.

If you don't believe all the anti-Kimkins hype, check out these alleged photos of the Heidi Diaz -- obviously frumpy, it's clear that she doesn't live up to her claims if that's her. Also, check out this testimonial from a former Kimkins follower -- it's pretty frightening. Apparently, for this survivor, the Kimkins diet damaged her body irrevocably.

As Diet Blog says, this is a very good reminder to really do your research when you embark on a weight-loss plan. And, above all, make sure you talk to your doctor before following any eating plan. Quick weight loss might be appealing, but it can severely damage your health.

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